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Wet effect in eyelash extensions: features, benefits of the procedure

Spikes Lash Extensions

“Wet effect” has been one of the most popular looks among lash lovers. So, many lash artists started wondering how to create a perfect wet effect for their clients, as there is definitely a high demand for that, and this style is here to stay with us. 

Hop into this trip to the lash extensions styles and let’s find out something new about its features. 

First, let’s find out what is a wet look, anyway? This name was given to it due to the similar effect it gives your lashes, just like when you took a shower and see that the natural lashes are still a little wet. It’s reached when you take mink individual eyelash extensions of a lighter weight, creating narrow fans. Yes, you heard right. Usually, closed fans are considered to be not exactly successful. However, in this case, such a result is exactly what you need. Wet looks mean that the mink individual lashes form spikes, that became a favorite among millions of customers since 2019. Most perfect fit for those who have wide eyes, adding volume and drama to that lash look. 


Perfect “wet effect”. It exists.


As you already know, the fan you apply on the natural lash has to be almost completely closed. The curl doesn’t matter, but we advise taking lighter ones, for example, 0.03 mink lashes and individual eyelash extensions. This moment is important for the overall result, as you may want to protect your client’s natural lashes. 

Here are some Lash Mapping tips you may find useful for creating the abovementioned “wet effect”. You can use Kim K mapping for these purposes as well. 

It’s important to use the pair of tweezers that suits you right. Make sure that they have a good grip and that your hands don’t get tired. You can visit our catalog to shop for the right tweezers for different purposes. Dip the lashes into the glue ring and use a sliding technique. Make sure that the ends of your fan are stuck together just fine. 

As an alternative, you can use a Super Booster to make a wet look. Apply it on the lash base and brush the lashes with a micro brush. The Booster can be also used for creating the desired shape of your hand-made fans. 


Features of the Procedure


After you use the lash wash and the primer for cleansing and applied the eye pads to prepare your customer for the procedure you can go ahead with the lash extensions application. The application technique will be similar to the classic, though your eyelash extensions appear to be thicker. 

If you are not satisfied with the “spike”, you can try again and replace the first one with another, more successful one. We recommend you use Stacy Lash Extra Bonder so that it could dry your glue completely, and you could ensure that the look is “fixed” and stays in its place. 




So, the “wet effect” indeed has lots of benefits. Who wouldn’t want to have a more natural look along with significantly longer retention? This sounds like something extremely trendy. Wet look lashes proved to create a stronger hold than the classic ones. To be honest, this look offers you all and even more. Drama and volume, but you can also keep it natural at the same time. So, it’s a confidence boost for every lash lover who wants to show their beauty.

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