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Features of L-curved eyelash extensions

L-curved eyelash extensions

L Curl is some kind of innovation? So it’s not always clear which type of eyes it suits best. The answer is simple: this curl works best for those eye shapes that require open-eye looks. 

So let’s begin and discuss this topic further. 


L Curl. Definition


If your clients want to add some drama, here is the time you might want to use L curl. Especially, when a client has monolid, almond, or downturned eye shape, or hooded eyes.


Lash Mapping  


In order to achieve dreamy retention and create a dramatic look, use Stacy Lash glue together with L-curved individual mink eyelash extensions in the outer corners and C Curl mink individual lashes in the inner corners.

It will be easy to make a beautiful mascara look with these mink individual eyelash extensions.


How to lash

 L curl is considered to be one of the easiest curls to work with. We advise choosing L-shaped tweezers (that will be easy to remember). When you pick the L-curved fan it’s better to hold the fan over the bent of the curl. 

As we have mentioned before, this particular curl adds drama and brings some lifting effect to the downturned eyes. We all have unique eye shapes, and every lash technician knows that every attendee requires an individual approach in order to create true artistry with those lashes. 

It’s both acceptable to attach classic or volume lashes, but asses the natural lashes of every customer to determine the optimal length and diameter. 

This curl may appear a little bit challenging for beginners, but it’s good practice anyway. 



Well, there are several things we determined throughout this article, such as that L curl is most suitable for clients with monolid and hooded eyes, as it always brings an open eye and lifting effect, helping you to create the most beautiful look for your attender. 

So go ahead and add L-curved eyelash extensions to your range and mix it with others to experiment and find out your personal ways of achieving lash perfection. 

As always, we recommend you educate yourself, watch video tutorials and always move forward to new heights. 

How much do you know about L-curved eyelash extensions? And what exactly is L Curl? 
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