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Perfect Lash Kit. What's in there?

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What do you need for lash extensions? Most importantly, what do you need for the most beautiful lash set in the entire universe? Is there a list of must-have items for the lash extension kit, every lash artist should have? In today’s article blog post, we will be revealing what should be in there and which lash essentials to stock up on first for a successful start. 

If you already set up your mind and decided to seriously become a one-in-a-million lash tech, you surely need not only talent and persistence but also tools for lash extensions that will be of help throughout the day. Better yet, these tools better are affordable, of good quality, and last long. 

What is the minimum program for beginners? Look through all items listed below, check what else you need to add to your kit, and enjoy this tiny guide. 


Lash glue for individual lashes


You thought right! First and foremost you’ll need to stock up on lash glue. 

Eyelash extension adhesive is something that is undeniably essential. How to decide which one to buy? We recommend having several bottles just in case. Two bottles of your go-to glue (in case you run out of the first one, or it would get spoiled) and one bottle of glue for sensitive clients. 

After you assess the temperature and humidity in your working environment and your work speed, you can confidently proceed with ordering a suitable adhesive. For beginners, it’s better to choose adhesives with a 4-6 second drying time. For intermediate skills, the 1-4 seconds range is perfectly fine. And lastly, Stacy Lash offers adhesives for advanced technicians, with a drying time of up to 0.3 seconds. 

Don’t worry if you can’t lash fast yet. Take your time and practice. Be attentive to choosing an adhesive that matches your current skills, otherwise too fast or too slow glue polymerization may result in poor retention and unsatisfying result. 


Eyelash trays


Surely, you need lash extensions for the procedure? Do you need to stop at one lash tray? Surely not. You need to stock up with several lash extension trays, as the more, the merrier. But for the beginning, you can purchase a couple of individual lash extension trays for classic lash style. C curl is the most popular out there, so you can start with it, and then widen your range to ellipse, colored, and volume lashes at any time. 

Trust us, it’s so much fun to experiment with styles, lengths, and various types of extensions. 

Check our blog for more tips on which lash extensions to choose. 


Professional lash tweezers


Another important tool in your lashing business. And once again, it will take some time till you find what works best for you. Make sure they are lightweight and lie comfortably in your hand. 

You’ll need more than one pair, that’s for sure, as they mainly serve different purposes e.g. volume, classic, and isolation. 


What else? 


Well, you figured that it’s not all, and the list goes further, as the lash artistry requires many steps that need to be performed well and with passion and dedication. What else could you possibly need to nail this lash appointment? We recommend an eyelash cream remover, as it’s definitely safe and convenient to use, due to the creamy formula, that doesn’t leak into clients’ eyes. The next item is gel under eye patches to start the procedure by securing the client’s eyes from the fumes that your adhesives give off. Eyelash brushes are also something you’ll need for the procedure, namely for the pre-treatment part. They will help you to remove access makeup, sebum, and dust. Micro brushes are also a must, as you’ll need them to apply different products, for example, primer, remover glue accelerator, or bonder


In order to do more


Consider purchasing a lash cleanser with a foaming formula. It will help you to prepare your client for the procedure, as the natural lashes need to be very clean in order to successfully be adhered to extensions. Add a primer to this formula, and you’ll receive a happy client who will be amazed by long retention. It will help you to remove excessive oils in order to firmly adhere to the extension. 




So, now you have everything a little more for a successful start. Don’t hesitate to mark your way through the lashing industry, as you have a compass and a map. Later, you’ll surely want to extend your services, but remember that it takes one step at a time till you reach the desired skill level. 

We are sure you’ll make it in no time. 

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