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Fly like a butterfly, lift lashes like a pro

 lift lashes

Summer is challenging you to make it easier: your clothes, your shoes, your make-up, even your thoughts and life approaches. Everything intended to survive these hot summer nights (and days) must adhere to one main rule: keep it light. And since lashes are not an exception in this tendency, it's high time we discuss the easiest, literally, way of keeping your look’s beautiful drama running on with no extra weight. Lash lifting - we go for you!


I like big lashes.... and I cannot lie

The best inspirational model for lashes in summer is a butterfly. Just like the butterfly wings our lashes should be light and fluttering. If eyelash extensions and mascara may be too heavy-weight to win this fight, you still can make it work with a lash lift kit

Basically, lamination appeals to the better side of your own lashes’ nature. It curls lashes with a perm solution at the same time coloring them with a black tint. However, to ensure success of this upgrade, it’s good to know what to pay attention to while choosing The One among the variety of kits on the market. 


I wanna be your slave lash lift kit

Although such a wide choice of lash lift kits may be a bit confusing, you still can spot some similarities between the right candidates.

  1. Solid reputation. A good product will have good reviews - that’s an axiom. Hence, the first thing to do would be running through a couple of opinions by those who already have experience with the product. Take a look at the reviews and average ratings on Amazon, Walmart or any other platforms selling the product.
  2. Consistent content. Lash lift kit ingredients should be reinforced by crystal clear like instructions embracing every step of the procedure. Each solution should be accompanied by a thorough explanation of its use and appropriation.
  3. Sufficiency. It’s essential to understand that lash kits are made for professional use by lash salons or independent certified lash artists in lash studios only. Thus, depending on the application technique, the lash kit lasts from 20-30 times on average.

We hope this small piece of advice will come in handy! Follow it when going to make some lashes more dramatic and fluttering.

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