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Put a Glue Ring on it

Glue Ring

So you've made it!

Let's get back into it then.

What superpowers distinguish an average superlashwoman? Most commonly, these are speed, efficiency, and  neatness. As you’ve probably guessed, it was a leading question, as these superpowers could not be obtained without equally effective tools. An accessory you’ll choose for such highly sensitive task as holding the glue dip during your appointment is one of the decisions it is better to address with all responsibility.

Last time we discussed a jade stone. Going over its features and maintenance we’ve made sure it’s a “applicant” indeed. But if it still doesn’t cut it for you check our next candidat out. A glue ring! 

You may or may not love rings, but being an advanced lash artist you gonna like this one. Why? Because:

  1. It’s inexpensive, in contrast to other types of glue holders, the ring could be bought for a much less straining on your wallet price. Pack, examples,
  2. Since every glue ring is easily adjustable, it would do a perfect match with any of your fingers. Finally, here’s where blind dates are destined on the happy end.
  3. It’s not only the adhesive that the glue ring is able to hold. The shallow well in the place of a diamond is worth much more than carats of this glamorous stone, at least when it comes to putting on the eyelash extensions. Wearing this “industrial jewellery” is a nice option to hold lash extension glue, adhesive remover, primer or anything else you can think about within reasonable bonds.
  4. One of the major benefits of the glue ring is the efficiency it contributes to your workflow. As the glue is in the immediate neighbourhood, nothing can stop from showing your best results at the lash application distance with a minimal amount of moves made at your top speed.
  5. Not a huge fan of cleaning? Relax, the glue rings are disposable! You can shamelessly change them like socks from one glue dip to another (and we all know how a new dip should never be placed in one room with an old one).


All of the above were the reasons why so many lash artists give their preference to the glue ring among other holders. But there is still a pretty serious percentage of eyelash technicians who do not hold back on their criticism of this tool. And they have their point too, of course! So we decided to say a few words about the glue ring disadvantages too just to keep you in full possession of the facts.

  1. Unfortunately, the glue ring’s best asset is its Achilles heel at the same time. While being disposable for you, this lash accessory is still made of plastic, so it doesn’t go so easy for the environment. Thus, the glue ring is not eco-friendly.
  2. Same story - while a close by position of the glue ring on one of your fingers is great for speeding up the whole beauty procedure, it makes it easier for the fumes produced by the adhesive to reach your respiratory tract. So if you can call yourself sensitive to the fumes emission, maybe it’s not the best option to keep the glue within arm’s reach or even closer for a couple of hours.
  3. The last one is a nice small disclaimer rather than a pure evil ;) The glue ring is strongly recommended to be used by advanced lash technicians and not the beginners. The point is, using the powers of the glue ring requires possessing an impeccable coordination both of your body and your mind in order to avoid spilling the adhesive out, and Armageddon.

So, this was a short review about the glue ring. We hope adding this accessory to your professional toolkit will end up with nothing but greater success and delight from doing what you do. Happy Lashing!

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