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How to find your own mistakes?

Eyelash wash

Now we will tell you how to find areas with possible issues on your own, what signs can indicate mistakes and what you can do in this case.

  1. Red eyes right after appointment. If there was no redness before the extensions are done and your client's eyes do not get red in the morning after sleep, it is usually a mistake related to the incorrect patch position or eye slightly opened during work - all this will lead to the redness.
  2. The client feels the eyelashes. In the next few days, your client might still feel how extensions touch and irritate the eyelid. The problem usually is that lashes are placed too close to the lid, the fans are too heavy or lashes are too thick. Remember - the client should not normally feel any discomfort or the weight of eyelashes.
  3. After a while, the eyelash extensions start to sag downward and look out of place.
    This happens due to the incorrect work with the lashes in anagen phase. Make sure to choose the smaller lengths of the extensions when applying on the natural lashes in this phase.
  4. Missing the inner corners while applying a full set – in this case the lash artists must be very attentive, careful and thoughtful as it is important to make the finished work look balanced with smooth and seamless transition. In order to achieve great results, make sure to pay attention to the following points: length, thickness, curl of the lash extension you choose.
  5. Eyelashes extensions fall off without the natural lashes attached. This happens because of the incorrect application technique and/or the amount of glue you use, ignorance of the adhesive characteristics, environments in your lashing room etc. If all the recommendations are followed, an eyelash extension falls out with the natural one only.
  6. The eyelashes crisscrossed, get tangled, quickly become shaggy - it happens when the direction is not set correctly (not according to the scheme) or the fan is too wide.

Write in the comments what if you noticed any of these points in your work!
Is there something else you don't know how to handle?

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