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Lash Lift. Perfect Placement

Eyelash extension procedure, eyelash lamination procedure

Lash Lifting service is something that becomes very popular nowadays. This procedure is now demanded as lash extensions. Let’s find out what is a lash lift anyways, and why so many lash technicians extend their service and start to offer them more often than before. It’s hard to deny the value of a successful lash lift and the importance of Perfect lash Placement. Why? Because this treatment is easy to do, and it curls your natural lashes, lifts them up, and makes them look longer without applying makeup or placing lash extensions. Pretty convenient, isn’t it? Needless to say that the effect lasts for several weeks. However, in order to reach such an effect, you need to know several tips first. 


Lash Lift Technique


For the lash lifting procedure, you’ll need a professional lash lift kit. A perfect lash lift kit contains the following lash lift products: perm glue, which makes the client’s lashes stay in shape for a long time, solutions to perform all steps, lift pads and combs, micro brushes, mascara wands, eye patches, and a wand to attach the natural lashes in a proper way. Now let’s find out how to do a lash lift. The lash lift process is done in several steps: 


  • At first, the natural lashes should be cleaned thoroughly and after that, you can apply the eye patches to a lower lash line. 
  • Then, you choose lift pads of the needed size and apply the perm glue to the back of the pad. Place it on the lash line and fix it. 
  • Take your lash wand and fix the natural lashes on the lift pad with the help of your perm glue. Lash lift combs will help you here when you will be spreading the lashes evenly. Make sure that you place the lashes straight, otherwise, you put the whole lash lift procedure in jeopardy.
  • Apply the #1 Perming Solution and wait for 8-12 minutes. Then remove it and perform the same process using the #2 Fixing Solution. Wait for 8-12 minutes for it to take action. Cleanse the client’s lashes again thoroughly. Make sure that you haven’t left any residue and that you can proceed further. Remove the pads. 
  • Time to use #3 Nourishing Solution. Leave it for 5 minutes and you’re almost done. 
  • Use the 4 Cleansing Water, dry, and brush the lashes using a mascara wand from your lash kit. 


Different lash lift styles


There are different types of lash lift procedures existing. Let’s discuss lash lift styles in more detail so that we would know that we can always offer more and do better for our customers. There is Classic Lift - a procedure described previously. It’s simple here, but what if we dive deeper? There is a so-called Volume Lift, with the effect lasting up to 6 weeks. This style is used to volumize and curl natural lashes from hair follicle root to tip. All you need is a lifting balm, a volumizer, and a tint. Moreover, there is a Combo Lash Lift, where the lash lift products can be used for lash and brow lamination at the same time. Typically, the solutions have different compounds and act differently, but you can do both if you’ll set the goal to purchase a special kit. Finally, there is J-Curl and L-Curl lash lift, where you can place the lashes in such a way, the effect will last as long as possible, as the lashes will stay in their shape due to the unique small but noticeable curl. 


Lash placement styles


Now, let’s discuss existing lash placement styles, and break down the lash lift tips you’ve been searching for. The Lash Lift technique can be really diverse, as there are many ways to perform this treatment.

  • Vertical Placement. This is the most popular placement style among others. It means that you curl lashes in the upward straight position. It makes lashes look longer and eyes bigger.
  • Open Eye Placement. Natural lashes are curled in a semicircle. To achieve perfect placement make sure that the inner lashes are bent to the inner corner. The outer lashes should be bent to the outer corner in turn. 
  • Cat Eye Placement. This style also implies that the lashes are curled upwards, however, they start to progressively tilt to the outer eye corner closer to it. This style is often used to add visual length to add some drama to the client’s look. 
  • Kitten Eye Placement. It’s simple here, just make sure that the client’s lashes are placed in the outer corner direction. It slightly narrows the eyes, so you should assess the eye shape before choosing this placement style. 


    How can I make my lash lift more dramatic?


    One of the ways to make the client’s lashes more dramatic is tinting the lashes. Here we will share a lash lift and tint instructions. You typically perform lash tint at the end of the procedure. You’ll need a special dye to make the natural lashes dark as if you use mascara. It’s pretty easy to do if you are certified and had proper training. 

    Another way to reach a more dramatic look is a lash serum. Using this product regularly makes lashes thicker, longer, fuller, and healthier, so they look like full makeup was already applied, and they increase the lash lift effect this way. With the help of the lash serum, you get lash growth stimulation, and combined with the right lash lift, performed successfully, they form a perfect duo, looking just as good and dramatic, as individual lash extensions applied. It takes longer and more effort to reach such an effect, but lash serums are definitely an innovation everyone should try. Just as the lash lift. 




    Long story short, without the Perfect lash Placement you won’t achieve the desired result. Moreover, it will appear to be the waste of time and what is worse, an unhappy client with the lashes curled at a weird angle. Nobody wants distorted lashes, that’s a fact. But the game is worth the lashes, as lash lift appeared to be an amazing, long-lasting, and safe procedure, winning the hearts of lash lovers all over the world. Go and try it, if you haven’t done this yet, and if you have, there is always something new to try with this treatment that can become a pleasant surprise for you and your customer. Purchase a fully equipped Professional Lash Lift Kit on our website with detailed lash lift instructions inside and do not be afraid to lift lashes and spirits!

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