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Removal Revolution: Pure Power Gel Remover

Pure Power Gel Remover

Time flies and of course, the lash industry keeps gaining new trends, and concepts and evolving into something modern and more convenient. That also concerns such products as eyelash extension glue remover Every experienced lash artist shouldn’t underestimate the importance of having eyelash extension gel remover at your hand. It’s common when the clients come to you with lash sets previously done elsewhere, etc., and you have to prep lashes before proceeding to your charming lash set.


Sure, you need to point out that the removal procedure should be performed with the help of a professional, and not at home, as it may damage natural lashes. Let’s find out which remover to choose, what’s new on the market in order to be trendy, and how to keep both an artist and a client satisfied with the process and the result. Our current choice is Pure Power Gel Remover, a revolutionary product and the latest innovative remover we have launched.


Types of removers


There are three types of removers existing. Water removers, which are mostly aren’t used nowadays. Two other main types are cream and gel eyelash remover. The cream one is a perfect solution for beginners. It’s really safe to use due to the creamy consistency as it doen;t leak into the clients’ eyes. But the dissolution time is significantly longer, and it depends on how strong was the glue used for the particular lash set. Gel removers have a more liquid consistency, which requires skill and experience to work with, and it’s needed to mind this process to keep clients' eyes unharmed. The dissolution time is significantly shorter, and for proficient lash techs’ gel removers are definitely a more convenient choice. So what is the best eyelash extension glue remover? The answer is simple. The ideal lash extension remover depends on your personal skills and preferences. But we are here to introduce our newest addition to the product range - Pure Power Gel Remover.


Benefits of Pure Power Remover


So what is Pure Power Gel Remover? It has a new universal transparent formula and is an advanced version of your favorite speedy gel remover from Stacy Lash. It’s definitely a top-rated product for advanced lash technicians, as it has GBL-free formula, and a light gel texture, and can efficiently deal with any adhesive and dissolve it without effort in just 60 seconds. It became faster, and safer as it’s easier to control, without allowing contact with the client’s eyes. Also, it was equipped with more convenient, hygienic, and handy packaging. One of the main features of this new product is that it’s completely odorless and transparent, so nothing will distract you from the lash extension procedure and you can forget about unpleasant and irritative colors and smells. You can say that it’s a strict classic, suitable almost for every technician, even a demanding one. Moreover, now it takes a smaller amount of product to perform the removal procedure, which means that it would last longer.


A Deeper Look


Now let’s cover all possible questions that may arise. First things first, let’s find out how to use gel lash remover. Needless to say that the removal procedure has to be performed only by a certified professional and it’s needed a minimum amount of product in order for it to work correctly. Now, let's talk about the correct way to apply the gel remover. It’s applied on the base of extensions (about 1 mm from the lash line). You have to wait for about a minute and make sure that the glue remover won’t come into contact with the eyes, and that the eyes are thoroughly closed throughout the whole procedure. After 1-2 minutes, gently remove the eyelash extensions and cleanse the removal area. After you made sure that the product is removed completely, allow your client to open their eyes.

If eye contact still occurred by some chance, it’s needed to thoroughly rinse the eyes with plenty of lukewarm water for 15 minutes. In order to achieve the best results, it’s important to follow the instruction that can be found inside the product package. This also means that it’s advised to keep in mind that the shelf life of our remover is two months once opened, and one year if unopened. Keep your product in a cool, dark, and dry place and tightly close the cap after each use as your remover might get spoiled because of the contact with the air.




In conclusion, let us mention that without any doubt, lash removal is not always an easy task. Sometimes, it takes an effort to deal with the most steadfast extensions. That is why we keep constantly growing and improving our product range. When we came up with this new gel remover we knew that it is a true game changer and a must-have item in any lash kit of a modern technician. Everyone who dreams of an effective but gentle glue dissolver should definitely check out Pure Power Gel Remover. Check our catalog to stock up on this new revolutionary solution.

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