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Surface Searches: finding the ideal glue drop holders

Lash Fan. Glue drop.

What is a touchstone of any lash appointment? Its main hero? Most of us would say it’s a glue without a second thought. To be honest, it is not much of an exaggeration to say so since a suitable glue plus your skills as a lash artist are two main factors having a direct impact on the success of your lash appointment. However, as we all know, the devil’s in details or, in our case, in eyelash extensions accessories. If the glue is the lead, what item completes it best?’s the glue holder? And the answer is correct, ladies and gentlemen! The eyelash adhesive without its holder is like Romeo without his Juliet, Batman without Robin, Dayneris without dragons, martini without olives. And together they’re like mac and cheese, milk and oreo, a united body, in a nutshell. So, in this article we’ll discuss 3 greatest inventions of humanity for the purposes of holding an adhesive drop for the sake of the smoothest application process you can possibly get. Check this out!


Back to the Stone age 

Archaeologists keep finding tools made out of jade dating back to The Stone age, which roughly amounts to 3 millions years during which these green stones have been on stage. And though the range of the jade’s roles is quite wide and keeps getting expanded as time goes by, we are not going to list them all here and will just focus on one. Specifically, it turns out the jade stone is a real hit among eyelash extension professionals, and rightly so!


The thing is, this stone brilliantly performs as a tool to hold adhesive beads during your lash extension appointment! And here are a few main points of why it's worth being included in your lash arsenal:

  • thanks to its cooling properties, the jade stone is great at keeping a lash extension glue at a consistent room temperature (if it is not higher than 100°F)
  • because of its nice flat surface (which is pretty spacious in terms of lashing process) it is easy to dispense the glue on it to run the lashes through the glue in a free and comfortable manner
  • being placed at a greater distance from a lash artist’s face (in comparison with a glue ring, for example) during an appointment, it helps to avoid fumes produced by the adhesive
  • since the jade stops the eyelash glue from drying too quickly, both advanced lash technicians and newcomers will get on with this tool (and just imagine how relaxed and balanced your movements will be when a fast-drying glue doesn't “breathe down your neck”!)


Usage guidelines

Alongside the above-mentioned advantages, the jade stone is incredibly easy to maintain. Here are some related insights:

  1. Cover the jade with sticky tape before putting an adhesive drop onto it - this way you won't need to spend much time cleaning it after the application!
  2. Acetone is your best friend when it comes to removing the glue residue from the jade stone surface!
  3. In especially hard cases, when the glue for eyelash extensions doesn't come off of the jade that easy, soak the stone in acetone and leave it overnight, then remove the residue with a lint-free tissue!


Now that you know everything you need about the jade stone we hope you will find a place in your working space for this beautiful accessory. All in all, jades are a girl’s best friend too, especially when a girl is a lash artist!


With that being said, catch us in the second part

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