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Uncover the secrets of Nano Mister

Nano Mister

Nano Mister – your ace in the hole

     We all know, no lash appointment can be called a quick procedure. Instead, it’s pretty time consuming: the whole process takes from 2 to 4 hours depending on the settled number of factors: the lash technician’s work pace (you’ve surely noticed it differs whether you’re an experienced lash artist or a daring beginner), style of eyelash extensions (classic or volume lashes), glue drying time, and the moonphase (pick the odd one out).       

     However, the slowest part normally comes after the eyelash extensions have been placed. Your client is looking in the mirror, gorgeous, naturally, and this is a joyful moment of reward for any lash artist. The only thing able to overshadow this tiny feast of beauty is informing the happy customer that lash extensions should not be subjected to moisture for another 24-48  hours after the appointment.  During that period, a routine visit to the gym or taking a shower switches to “the dark side of the Force” and can cause the blooming effect on the lashes.

     Or, that is how things used to be. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and by these measures we mean nano technologies. Science and beauty industry entered into a mighty alliance. The result of this collaboration has become famous as Nano Mister.


My name is Mister, Nano Mister

     They say, Nano mister can be used equally by lash professionals and spies… Although, we can go bail only for the first ones. Its super skill is converting water into nano-level mist aiming at curing the eyelash extension adhesive much more effectively. Judge for yourself - 1-2 days vs 4-10 hours.

     Stop, may you say.  If  the nano mister is just a small pulverizer which sprays water, how does it actually end up speeding up the drying process? The key to this question is Cyanoacrylate. It is the main component in lash extension glues. For the glue, it takes an act of polymerization to get dry.

P.S. Polymerization is the process of forming a chain of molecules known as a polymer.

     Single molecules stick together with the help of water (hydrogen, specifically). If you apply a super well balanced quantity of moisture right after eyelash extensions have been attached, it will trigger the polymerization process allowing it to start without delay. Since water is naturally represented in the air as humidity, nano mister is not an essential way to go by in the adhesive curing. It’s just a game-changing shortcut.


How do you operate Nano Mister

     First of all, make sure that a nano mister is charged. Then open the small door on its back to remove the rubber stopper. The stopper is there to keep the water in the water tank from slipping through it. Remove it to fill in the tank with the distilled water. Put it where it belongs.

P.S. The distilled water is the one appropriate option to be used with our device as only this water is light enough and won’t block the nozzle.

     Now you’re ready to dry your client’s lashes! Depending on the type of your nano mister, you can hold it in an upright or upside down position, but keeping the distance of 8-12 inches away from the lash extensions is a must in any case.

     Worth noticing that misting too soon can expose the adhesive to "shock cure", which makes it turn white and makes the bond brittle. Take advantage of a 5 minutes window to brush the lashes or tidy your workstation.

     Mist for 20-30 seconds sweeping back and forth between both eyes.  If water droplets appear on the lashes, you may be holding the mister too close to the lash line, or too long in the one position.

     The Nano Mister is a pretty practical device as it won’t waste the water and battery. It will be turned off automatically after 30 seconds. 


Love your Nano Mister and it will love you back

     Needless to say, if you want the nano mister to provide your clients with a greater service for long, there is a certain portion of attention that should be paid to it as well. Luckily, the way to a nanomister’s heart is nowhere near rocket science. Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  • - “Feed” the battery up on a regular basis
  • - Do not let water stay overnight - pour it out and let the tank dry
  • - Use only brand new, fresh distilled water on each date
  • - Soap is your best friend in keeping the water tank clean daily


Let’s sum up the pros

     Though we still do not have a big worldwide time machine, we have small ones, and a nano mister is an amazing example. Significantly quicker adhesive curing brings the future closer, at least in terms of fulfilling eyelash extension’s results. Also, as an extension glue emits fumes as long as it is not cured, using a nano mister reduces the risk of irritation, stinging, and other reactions. 

     One can say, a nano mister is the shield that guards the realms of women against red, dry eyes, for this appointment and all appointments to come… Anyway! If you still do not have a nano mister you might consider having one. Or not. What counts is that now you are aware of one more thing capable of assisting you when you do magic.

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