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Why cream removers are the new thing?

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     Removing eyelash extensions is as delicate procedure, as placing them, thus it also requires professional expertise to effectively, efficiently and most importantly safely remove the eyelash extensions, without causing any undesired effects.

     As removers have a common function – dissolving eyelash extension glue, their structure and nature can vary, being in liquid, gel or the newest – cream formula. So here we are presenting our new article, which reveals the nature of this newly launched product.

     While you may already know about our gel remover and its specificities, we have listened closely to the latest innovations, needs, and preferences, and thanks to the constantly evolving industry we are in, and your feedback and suggestions, we have come to grow our line of lash extension removers in turn.

     We are proud to present the latest addition to our Stacy Lash family of eyelash extension removers – the cream remover.

     Not only a new, but also an improved formula among the cream removers. Our cream remover comes in an advanced formula and a special touch, being completely GAMMA BUTYROLACTONE (GBL) free. GBL is a common chemical solvent found in products such as: stain-remover, paint-stripper as well as nail polish remover pads. Classified as highly dangerous, and if ingested can reduce inhibitions, cause nausea, reduced heart rate and even lead to death.

     Not only a new formula, function, but also comes in 2 scents – mango and rose to make your service even more special and enjoyable for the senses. Can you feel this delicate aroma?

    Stacy Lash Cream Remover comes in a new creamy formula, which dissolves the lash adhesive within 3 minutes – which is more efficient, more convenient for you and your clients, and the scented creamy texture allows ease of application as well as control, as the thick velvety texture will not run into the eyes; safe and strong, recommended for all levels of lash professionals.

     The scented notes of rose and mango will bring a pleasant light sensation to the eyelash extension removal process, which has never been so easy! Just make sure your client’s bottom lashes are securely covered with the eye pads and the client’s eyes are tightly closed throughout the whole procedure.

     Apply the cream remover to the lashes with the help of microbrushes or any other preferred tool, then spread the product along the extensions and let it sit for at least 3 minutes. Use your tweezers or microbrushes to gently remove the extensions and brush the lashes with a spoolie. We also recommend cleaning the natural lashes afterwards in order to get rid of any glue or remover residue left. Once it is done, the lashes are ready for a new set.

     There are many ways to keep your clients happy and make them come back to you – first of all, being a skilled and knowledgeable professional. Your friendly personality and good nature, as well as successful marketing strategy would also be a plus. But choosing the quality products and supplies for your work should be a must in order to provide a great service for all your valuable customers, and Stacy Lash is always the right choice. 

     Got excited? Choose your remover by visiting the “Treatments” product section on our website!

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