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In building the rituals of your personal care, skin acts as the center of the universe. Each time you rise on a challenge of picking yourself a new beauty commodity, there are a million details to keep in mind, like a sophisticated skin type or individual intolerance to some ingredient. That’s why finding the best product for skin care that would suit your individual needs is quite a task. But no worries! We are here so that you can manage it.

What is included in the category of skin care products?

Often, brands producing products for skin care are divided based on whether their products are intended for salon use or are to be used at home.

But there are happy exceptions. One of them is Oseque - a skin care brand from Korea that combines high quality and supreme effectiveness of professional skin care products with the usability of cosmetics you put on your bathroom shelves.

Their product range includes all items that are normally related to skin care. In particular, Stacy Lash being an official distributor of Oseque in the U.S., features the next products:

  • Hydrating Skin Perfector Multi Special Ampoule - amazingly hydrating and anti-aging skin perfector
  • Silky Bright Enzyme Powder Facial Wash hydrates and gently cleanses your skin of dead skin cells and impurities
  • Hyaluronic Pure Ampoule - a perfect humectant and moisturizer that delays aging process and delivers a wound healing effect
  • Hydro Deep Sea Cream Mask’s marine energy gently absorbs and awakens skin vitality
  • True Noble Soil Layering Mask delivers a natural and healthy glow to your skin
  • Cyber Shine Bubble Mask Cleanser provides skin with deep cleansing effect of microbubble

Benefits of Natural Skin Care Products

Organic, naturally-derived ingredients are much more delicate to your skin than chemical ones. Opting for natural skin care is a choice you should definitely make in case you have sensitive skin, skin prone to irritations or allergies or just prefer to stay on the safe side with your beauty routine. A genuine product for skin care exclusively containing organic compounds among its ingredients will enrich your skin with vitamins, minerals and skin-friendly particles, awakening its health while cutting the risk of reaction almost to zero.

P.S. It’s still highly important to conduct a patch test for each and every skin care newby before welcoming it in your makeup organizer.

Where to buy professional skin care products

Searching to buy the best skin care products that would equally fit the needs of a skin-care pro and a beauty aficionado one doesn’t have to go far. Though Stacy Lash office is physically located in CA, our actual shop is floating around the Web increasing its online presence to reach customers living not only in San Diego and Sacramento but all over the U.S. Thus, as an official distributor of Oseque brand, we are incredibly happy to deliver natural supreme-quality products for skin care we can truly be proud of.

How much do skin care products cost?

Skin care prices may vary immensely and the statement “higher quality=higher price” is not always the case here. However, speaking about Oseque, “how much do products for skin care cost” is the question adequately answered with a solid reputation of the premium skin care manufacturer and a client-oriented approach. The cost of Oseque products presented on Stacy Lash website fully aligns with this formula reasonably ranging from $12 to $20 on average.